World-Renowned Rabbi Reveals Powerful Spiritual Advice He Gave to Javier Milei

Rabbi Simon Jacobson, the bestselling author of Toward a Meaningful Life and founder of the Meaningful Life Center, joined Breitbart News Daily host Mike Slater on Tuesday to reveal the powerful spiritual guidance he gave to Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei during their meeting Monday in New York City.

A partial transcript is as follows:

MIKE SLATER: How did you get in touch in the first place with the new president of Argentina?

RABBI JACOBSON: It’s called serendipity. Around two months ago, to be exact it was September 10th, I got a call from a colleague of mine and they said that an underdog candidate for the presidency of Argentina is coming to New York and is coming to visit the gravesite to get a prayer for his candidacy and he thought it would be a good idea to meet me. I’m an author of a book called Toward a Meaningful Life and my colleague said it would be a good idea to meet him. We met in an office in Brooklyn and I presented him my book in Spanish. He was very thankful. I never saw him before, I didn’t even know about him. Then we started talking and his eyes lit up because he was so taken by the idea of a spiritual vision for the world that’s not just a political vision. He was especially taken by a process I was involved in as an observant Jew. On the Sabbath and the holidays, we don’t write, take notes, or record.

So when I would listen to my teacher, this rabbi whose gravesite we’re talking about, Rabbi Schneerson, known the Rebbe, we would have to memorize verbatim hours and hours of these talks. Milei’s eyes lit up when I told him this and I just felt there was a kindred spirit here. Sometimes people have an instinct. He told me he’s not Jewish, but he’s taken by this. Then I signed the book and that was that. I didn’t know if I would hear from him again. The next thing I know, someone sends me a clip from Argentinian television where he was talking about his meeting with me and the impact it had on him.

Fast forward to last week, I get a note that he’s been elected president and then a day later I get a call from one of his aides who tells me he wants to thank me. So he calls me Saturday night and he says, “I want to thank you, I’m so touched by your blessings and by your congratulatory video, and I’m coming to New York to the gravesite and I’d like to meet with you.”

SLATER: What’s your hope for the president of Argentina and for all of us as well?

RABBI JACOBSON: Being a suffering romantic and optimist, we live in a world full of chaos. Now with what’s going on in Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine, not to mention the bankruptcy in the world of leadership, I said this to the president, I would hope he could serve as a beacon of hope of light, not just Argentina, and obviously clean up the mess there with the corruption and inflation, but be a beacon of light in what it means to be a moral leader. A moral leader is to empower people. People are desperate for hope that there’s a better future. And not just with better technology like artificial intelligence, but in one’s life, their family and personal life, and one’s children.

We’re spiraling into a state of collective depression, just look at the amount of medication people take and look at the mental health issues and therapy. God bless everyone, but this is really all just bandaids and it’s only dealing with symptoms, not the roots. I would hope he could be an example and other leaders in other countries will learn from him. We don’t need to just keep the status quo as it is, it’s time to disrupt it in a good way so we can higher the moral standards of the spiritual vision of life so that people can feel like there’s something to look forward to, not just to survive, but to thrive.


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