Nolte: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Claims Shootings Down with Year-over-Year Murders Up

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - JUNE 07: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot speaks to guests at an event hel
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The beauty of being a Democrat in a country where the national media is more interested in owning the Trumptards than holding incompetent liars like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot accountable is that she can get away with saying shit like this…

“The reality is June over June, we’re seeing a downward trend in both homicides and shootings. … We’re seeing a downward trajectory where other cities are continuing to see a climb.”

While that statistic is accurate, it is also an audacious and deliberately dishonest piece of cherry-picking designed to mislead the public.

Basically, what Lightfoot did was extrapolate 28 days where — when compared to the same 28 days last year — there were fewer murders. However…

“While city statistics in the last 28 days shows a drop from 82 murders in 2020 to 62 this year,” reports WGN, “murders are still up year-to-date over 2020; with 282 in 2021 compared to 269 last year.”

So overall, murders are up, but Lightfoot’s approach is, Hey, let’s extrapolate this very specific 28 day period and lie to the public about a downward trajectory in violence.

What’s even more audacious is Lightfoot launched this gas-lighting campaign after a weekend that left ten people dead and 65 wounded.

That’s one weekend. One! Ten dead and 65 wounded over a single weekend!

More sobering stats…

The Windy City’s worst June on record since 1957 occurred in 1990 with 90 homicides. According to CWB Chicago, Chicago is currently on pace for 91 June homicides and adds these noteworthy points:

Chicago has far fewer residents than during the earlier years in that period, but far more murders

Emergency medicine is lightyears ahead of the ’50s and even well ahead of the 90’s. Many lives saved today. Still more murders.

So why are things so terrible in Chicago?

In a word: Democrats.

Chicago’s moron voters continue to vote for Democrats, continue to vote for failure.

Lori Lightfoot, arguably the worst big-city mayor in the country, won with 74 percent of the vote in 2019, and now a city that was already dealing with a serious violence problem is in even worse shape.

Under her “leadership,” things are growing worse due to a sense of Wild West lawlessness, a belief you can get away with anything in a city governed by Democrats who hate the police more than murderers. The 1619 Riots launched by the far-left terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter proved you could rampage, loot, and burn without consequence, just as long as the mayor sympathizes with your politics.

On top of the soaring homicide rate, the result of this anti-cop hatred has been the decimation of the Chicago police force.  “More officers have left the force this year than all of 2018, data shows,” per WGN — and it’s only June.

As far as recruitment, who would want to be a police officer in Chicago? Believe me, even if Chicago can recruit new officers, they’re not going to be the pick of the litter.

But this is what the voters voted for, which makes it not my problem.

Then again, next month, my wife and I will be in Chicago for a week visiting our family, so wish us luck. And of course, we worry about our family… A countless number of nieces, nephews, grandchildren…

This should not be happening in America. But when violence is exploding all around you, and you vote for a moron whose focus is on declaring “racism” a public health issue instead of instituting the easy fixes to bring down violent crime, you’re condemning yourself to live in a third world country.


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