Former UCLA Running Back Fareed Slams Dem Capps In New TV Ad

Former UCLA Running Back Fareed Slams Dem Capps In New TV Ad

When ex-UCLA running back, third generation rancher, and conservative small business owner Justin Fareed “puts his mind to something, he never gives up.” That’s the claim in a new video advertisement entitled “Determined,” which has been released by Fareed’s congressional campaign and will be appearing on broadcast and cable TV.

The Republican scion of a ranching family is challenging Lois Capps, the incumbent liberal Democrat congresswoman from the 24th congressional district, which includes Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. Capps is also a staunch Obama supporter, pro-abortion advocate, and a devotee to comprehensive immigration reform. She offers her opinion on Obamacare on her website: “The Affordable Care Act makes significant investments to improve the health of our nation and control health care costs.”

Fareed’s new 30-second video depicts him running with a football cradled in his arm through a rural town of farms and small businesses with the voiceover intoning that Justin is “running to stop the government intrusions that threaten our freedoms.” The ad further states that Fareed promises to repeal Obamacare. 

The race is not yet seen as highly competitive, given that President Obama won the district in 2012 by 11 points.

Photo: YouTube