More People May Become Armed in Orange County

More People May Become Armed in Orange County

Orange County could see a surge in the issuance of concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits following the passing of a February court ruling that relaxed the standards for obtaining such permits.

Prior to the ruling, interested applicants — typically business owners or reserve police officers — would have to document why they wanted a CCW. Now saying a gun is necessary for self defense is a sufficient argument for obtaining a CCW permit, notes CBS.

“If someone is requesting a CCW based on protection or self defense, they in fact meet that requirement. And denying it because of that would be a violation of their Second Amendment right,” said Lieutenant Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff’s officials say interested applicants must exhibit good moral character and undergo a background check and training prior to obtaining a permit, notes CBS. Once a permit is issued, individuals are legally permitted to carry their loaded guns in public areas.

Jack Carver, who is the general manager of the Grant’s for Guns store in Costa Mesa, told CBS that he planned to obtain a CCW for himself “just because I haven’t been able to get one before — a permit — and now I can, so I’m gonna exercise my opportunity,” Carver said.

Orange County currently has over three million residents, and reportedly just 1,640 who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon in public, with 2,800 more individuals who have filed CCW applications with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. 

Under California’s Penal Code 29800, individuals with prior felony convictions, anyone who has been convicted of specific misdemeanors, and narcotic drug addicts are not eligible for CCW permits.


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