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#TROUBLE for @TWITTER: ISIS Threat Against Company Needs 'Verification'

#TROUBLE for @TWITTER: ISIS Threat Against Company Needs 'Verification'

SAN FRANCISCO, California — Breitbart News paid a visit to Twitter Headquarters on Wednesday to gauge reactions from the social media company’s employees about recent threats directed towards them from the Islamic State (ISIS).

Islamic State extremists have been using Twitter’s social media platform to spread their message of terror and recruit others to carry out their demonic tasks within the United States and Europe. Most recently, they asked lone wolves in America and Europe to assassinate Twitter employees because Twitter has been cracking down and deleting ISIS accounts.

Twitter Culture

When Breitbart News approached two employees who were taking a cigarette break outside and asked them how they felt about the threats being directed towards them by the Islamic State, they simply said: “jog off.” (We are guessing fitness is a core part of the company’s culture.) 

Breitbart News pressed further and approached several other Twitter employees who were walking in and out of the building. Ten out of ten times, they briskly told Breitbart that the company has a strict policy prohibiting its employees from speaking with the media. However, it did slip from one employee’s mouth that Twitter has heightened its security recently. 

A spokesperson for Twitter issued the following statement to Breitbart News: “Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials.”

Security Flaws

Breitbart News entered Twitter HQ and approached the receptionists at the front desk, who were surprised to discover that a name tag had not been issued by security downstairs and that there was no meeting scheduled. Twitter security approached to escort Breitbart News back downstairs to the lobby. 

A security official said it is at the discretion of each employee as to whether or not they wish to answer questions about the Islamic State’s threats and any other general questions being posed by the media. When asked if it was true that they had boosted security in light of the recent threats, the security official declined to answer.

ISIS Threat

Outside, Breitbart News approached several non-Twitter employees to gauge their reactions to ISIS’s recent threats. One woman, who works as an executive at San Francisco’s Department of Public Health, said she purposely does not follow the news and was not particularly worried or alarmed by the Islamic State’s threat. 

At the Starbucks across the street, two men were devising a strategy to spread their message to the world that Jesus is the Messiah. Next to them was a man from Turkey named John who heads a startup and who has been working and living in San Francisco for several years.

He expressed disdain for Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his government’s alleged financial support of the Islamic State. However, when asked about his reaction to ISIS’s calls for lone wolves to attack from within the United States, he said “I don’t think they are a threat on US soil.”


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