Neighbor Mails Letter Accusing Family of Baby Trafficking, Gang and Drug Crimes

screenshot/Breaking Bad
screenshot/Breaking Bad
San Diego, CA

Residents of San Diego’s Courtyards apartment complex received a not-so-jolly letter in the mail this December – a letter accusing one family in the complex of operating as a criminal element in the community.

The letter calls the apartment’s residents a “Hybrid gang” and describes “a Large White Lady and the other Accomplices are mostly Black Males,” detailing drug and smuggling activities, but mother Renee is speaking out against the provocative letter’s claims.

The letter’s author essentially accuses the family of running a meth lab out of their apartment while trafficking babies and using “copious amounts of narcotics.” 10 News reports that the author sent the letter to approximately 200 people in the complex.

Renee is the mother that lives in the apartment at the center of the letter’s accusations. She is white, as the letter indicates, and her husband is black. The couple reportedly have three teenage sons. Renee and the complex’s HOA President told 10 News they may know who the author is. At an emergency Sunday HOA meeting Sunday, President Jack refuted the letter, and the board approved a letter supporting Renee and her family to be sent to Courtyard residents.

Accusations of trafficking babies led to a visit from Child Protective Services. The only baby coming and going from the apartment is Renee’s stepson’s child. Her stepson is a silver medal Paralympian and missed out on a trip due to the letter that sent CPS actions into motion.

“I think he should face hate crime charges because I do believe this is a hate crime against my family,” Renee told the local news outlet. She reportedly plans to pursue action against the letter’s author.

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