Boring Company Wins First Hyperloop Commercial Drilling Approval

Washington, DC, has issued the Boring Company its first commercial drilling permit for a Hyperloop tunnel that CEO Elon Musk promises will eventually offer a 29-minute service to downtown New York City. The drilling permit follows Musk’s July tweet that he had “verbal government

The Boring Company Flame Throwers

Hyperloop One May Have Just Killed California’s High-Speed Rail

Hyperloop One may have just killed California’s high-speed rail project, after the company’s 28-foot long aluminum and carbon-fiber production-scale pod hit its first milestone by traveling down a 1,640-foot near-zero-resistance vacuum tube test-track at a speed of 70 miles-per-hour.

Hyperloop (Courtesy of Hyperloop One)

BART Sued over Urine- and Feces-Covered Elevators

Two advocacy groups and two individuals with disabilities filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco on Wednesday alleging that BART has discriminated against people with disabilities by failing to maintain the transportation agency’s urine and feces-covered elevators.

BART train (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

San Francisco’s BART Declines to Declare ‘Sanctuary,’ Fearing Trump

The Board of San Francisco’s BART balked last Tuesday on a “call to declare the popular commuter line a ‘sanctuary’ system after being warned that the word might be seen as provocative by the Trump administration,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported this week.

BART train (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

BART’s $3.5B Capital Bond Proposal Allows Union Pay Spiking

Bait-and-switch has been the language of California politicians from both parties, but the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) $3.5 billion capital construction bond initiative on the November ballot has a loophole allowing proceeds to subsidize union wage spikes.

BART Oakland (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Cal High-Speed Rail’s Four-Year Delay Costs $15 Billion

With the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSR) announcing another four-year delay in building the first link of its system, the cost for California’s ultimate boondoggle may increase by another $15 billion, to $79 billion.

High-speed rail (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Black Lives Matter Scares BART Official into Carrying Gun

Fear of violence from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement spurred a member of BART’s board to apply, successfully, for a renewed carry and conceal license for a handgun so that he is able to protect himself.

Berkeley police

New Train Cars May Rescue Ailing BART System

BART passengers are cautiously optimistic that the state’s $2.6 billion effort to replace hundreds of new public transportation cars with new ones over the next five years will actually help improve their commutes — especially after a series of mechanical meltdowns and errors that have plagued riders for several years.

Getty Images

BART Murder Reveals Many Cameras are Decoys

Wednesday evening’s shooting death aboard a San Francisco-bound BART train has revealed major security flaws within the agency’s surveillance system.

BART suspect (BART via Associated Press)

Next Stop: Measles! BART Exposure Reported in SF

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) passengers in San Francisco may have been exposed to measles after an infected individual used the train to commute between work and home over three days last week, Contra Costa County health officials warned Wednesday.


BART #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Carry Torch Into Weekend

#BlackLivesMatter protesters caused major traffic jams for commuters in Boston on Thursday by attaching themselves to 1200-lb. barrels on a major freeway and earning themselves the title “#Douchebarrels” on social media. In San Francisco, #BARTFriday protesters who blocked commuters from getting to work the following morning earned themselves the same title while causing a cacophony of irritating noises, using spoons, that immobilized the working masses for a while.

AP Photo/David Goldman

BART #blacklivesmatter Protests: Facebook Briefly Removes Page

Facebook briefly shut down a page dedicated to informing activists planning a Friday protest for charges to be dropped against the arrest of 14 activists who chained themselves to trains and shut down the West Oakland BART station last November. The page was restored a few hours later.

Massive protest shuts down parts of the Mall of America on a busy shopping day

Activists Petition BART to Drop ‘Black Friday 14’ Fines, Charges

Last November, protesters now known as the “Black Friday 14” were charged with criminal offenses and assessed fines totaling $70,000 for actions including chaining themselves to BART trains in West Oakland–offenses for which other “Black Lives Matter” activist groups are

Oakland Ferguson Protest (AP)