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Live in a Tent for $900/mo — Shorten Your Commute to a Hi-Tech Company

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San Diego, CA

“Live under the stars in the great outdoors of Silicon Valley for a mere $900 a month.” A Mountain View, California man is renting out a tent in his backyard.

Tent home purveyor John Potter told CBS San Francisco that what started out as a joke with friends became a test on Airbnb and, “People actually were quite responsive.”

Potter advertises close proximity to Google and Caltrain at a rate of $46 for a night in his 9’ x 7’ Coleman tent. Surroundings include a beautiful garden and “safe and friendly” neighborhood, details the San Francisco Chronicle. Potter said the rate “kind of is (outrageous).”

But Potter may have competition. Gail will rent you a garden tent near Google for the bargain basement price of $30 per night and throws in breakfast and wifi! Guests have the option of resting up in Gail’s XXL hammock under the stars as well.

Gail has apparently hosted guests from Dana Point, California to France to Taipei, Taiwan in a separate one bedroom—and to rave reviews. “Gail is kind, funny, and an expert in the kitchen,” said Sloan from Madison, Wisconsin. “Honestly don’t know why this place doesn’t cost more!” said Corbin from Dana Point.

Multiple Airbnb listings come up for “Hacker house(s)” on the cheaper end. One lister even advertises free airport rides. Others use tables of snacks to lure potential tenants. Fast wifi and access to public transportation also serve as selling points. And for $25 a night, you could rent a family room sofa to sleep on. Twenty dollars will get you a cot with air mattress on top.

A one bedroom apartment in prestigious Mountain View can run $2,000 per month on the very low end and around $6,000 per month on the higher end,if you’re looking on

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