Disney Castle Lit up with Gay Pride Rainbow; Social Media Erupts

Disney Gay Pride (Screenshot / Instagram / Heather Protich)
Screenshot / Instagram / Heather Protich

The Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World in Florida was illuminated to celebrate the Supreme Court’s recent ruling declaring same-sex marriage a constitutional right, prompting celebrations–and complaints.

The Glenn Beck is reconsidering his position on the merits of boycotts, saying on his radio show that he’d consider using one against Disney after the company lit its Magic Kingdom castle in rainbow colors to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage last week.

“Disney is supposed to be serving all families, but have you noticed that Friday, they lit the castle up with rainbow colors,” Beck said on his radio show. “That’s quite the statement, Disney.”

“You’ve got families there… ‘Mom and Dad, why is the castle in rainbows?'” he continued. “Thank you Disney, thank you.”

“Why do they do that?” Beck asked. “Because they know you’re sheep. They know you’ll never say anything about it. You won’t cancel. They’ve got your kids, man. You’re going to Disney. They know you’re not going to say no to them. They know the other side will boycott them.”

Beck said he didn’t want to “make this into a gay thing,” and that it was about “boycotts in general.”

“The left knows boycotts work,” he explained. “And so the other side is terrified.”

Beck also took aim at Disney’s upcoming film about the life of Charles Darwin.

“They’re doing a new movie, kind of an Indiana Jones swashbuckling spirit of a five year voyage,” he described the project.”

“Is it Ferdinand Magellan?” asked Beck’s co-host Stu Burgueire.

“Charles Darwin,” Beck replied. “Wow, this sounds like a swashbuckling thriller that we are going to have to take our families to see. Thank you, Disney! That’s fantastic.”


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