South Korea Uses Coronavirus to Try to Stop Conservative Rallies

South Korea’s prime minister on Wednesday warned dissidents they face a “stern” response from authorities should they move forward with plans to stage massive anti-government rallies next month in the nation’s capital, Seoul. The rallies would defy a city-wide ban on large gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

TOPSHOT - A woman weeps as members of pro-US conservative right-wing and religious christian groups wave flags and shout slogans during an anti-government rally in the central Gwanghwamun area of Seoul on August 15, 2020. - Thousands of anti-government protestors defied official social distancing warnings to hold rallies as South …

CA’s Major Cities Hold Rallies in Solidarity with France

On Sunday, rallies held in California’s major cities coincided with the massive rally in France to protest against the terrorist killings in Paris last past week. In Los Angeles, hundreds of people stood in the rain outside City Hall. Channel 10 in San Diego reported that roughly 130 people marched through Balboa Park despite the rain. In San Francisco, hundreds of demonstrators stood in front of San Francisco City Hall on Sunday afternoon, many adorned with the “Je Suis Charlie” mantra.

Charlie Hebdo Protest (AP / Markus Schreiber)