Qatari Beverly Hills Drag Racer Claims Diplomatic Immunity, Yells ‘F*** America’

Street race CBS 2

A Qatari driver who raced a luxury sports car at near-triple-digit speeds around Beverly Hills on Saturday has claimed diplomatic immunity after being confronted by police.

Video taken by bystanders captured a yellow Ferrari and a white Porsche zooming down residential streets in Beverly Hills, blowing right past stop signs and intersections and endangering children playing in the area, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The racing cars only came to a stop after the Ferrari, which was affixed with a Qatar license plate, appeared to overheat, smoke billowing from its engine. The car then pulled into the driveway of a home, where the driver and several other bystanders looked it over. The Daily Mail reports that the home is being rented by a family for $45,000 per month.

When police arrived at the home, the Qatari driver reportedly claimed he had diplomatic immunity and denied speeding or driving recklessly. Police said they could not issue a citation because they did not observe the incident directly.

“My boys were out in the street biking and it was very scary,” witness Roya Levian told CBS. “They were passing the stop sign several times for a good 20 minutes.”

“I was scared to go home, like any second an 80 mile per hour zooming car can come and hit all of us,” 10-year-old Ashton Levian told KTLA5.

Journalist Jacob Rogers, who witnessed the incident, told CBS he confronted the driver at his home. Rogers said the man cursed at him, told him to get off of his property, and said “F*** America, and he threw a cigarette at me and that was before he indicated he could kill me and get away with it.”

Beverly Hills police are reportedly working with the U.S. State Department to determine the diplomatic status of the individuals involved in the street race.


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