VIDEO: French Terror Train Hero Spencer Stone Stabbed

The Associated Press

Surveillance video was released Thursday showing American hero Spencer Stone, 23, being stabbed in the upper chest as he fought off several men outside of a club in Sacramento.

Video of the attack was posted to social media and captured part of the fight and appears to show Stone being stabbed. Stone’s white shirt apparently turns red with blood as his attackers flee the crime scene:

Stone was reportedly stabbed four times around 12:45 a.m. Thursday after an altercation took place outside of bar Badlands where he was with three female and two male friends. He was immediately transported to UC Davis Medical Center, where he remains and is being treated for serious injuries he received during the vicious assault.

The Daily Mail indicated police did not initially believe Stone would be able to survive his injuries. Stone had recently recovered from injuries he had sustained when he thwarted an Islamist terrorist attack on a train in France in which he suffered multiple wounds including having his thumb severed when a radicalized Moroccan-born gunman, Ayoub El-Khazzani, 26, took a box cutter out and stabbed him after he and two of his friends wrestled an AK-47 away from him on a train traveling from Paris to Amsterdam.

Two of the suspects involved in Stone’s stabbing on Thursday were reportedly described as Asian males who drove off in a dark Toyota Camry.

Stone was just promoted two ranks in the U.S. Air Force, to staff sergeant, for his display of bravery in thwarting the radical Islamist terrorist attack in France.

El-Khazzani had burst out of the restroom of the train and cocked his automatic AK-47 rifle in preparation to shoot at helpless passengers. Stone tackled him, while his two friends wrestled the gun out of his hands and beating him until he passed out.

He was arrested and faces multiple terrorism charges in France of attempted murder, weapons possession and conspiracy. He was previously listed on a terror watch list in Spain.

Stone and his two friends Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos, were awarded with France’s highest decoration, the Legion D’honneur, which given to them by French President Francois Hollande. Stone also received the Purple Heart for his tremendous valor.

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