Gun Control Groups Join Black Lives Matter

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Various gun control groups are partnering with Black Lives Matter in an effort to push gun control in Congress, Politico reports.

It is the latest partnership for Black Lives Matter, which is also working with the radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The news of Black Lives Matter’s alliance with gun control groups comes as Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was forced to flee a town hall meeting Monday evening when Black Lives Matter protestors rushed the podium. They later prevented his police escort from leaving.

One of the groups joining in the new gun control partnership with Black Lives Matter is Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety; another is “a group related to” the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress; and another is the Joyce Foundation–a group that funds gun control efforts. There are other groups involved, but these three are playing central roles.

According to Politico, the goal is to operate with Black Lives Matter to expand the gun control dialogue so as to include inner city violence–and to diversify the public image of gun control advocacy.

The gun control groups are looking for “a way to address the reality that urban blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately victims of gun violence.” And as Black Lives Matter helps Everytown and/or the Joyce Foundation work towards that goal, gun control groups will return the favor by sharing messages against the over-incarceration of blacks and Hispanics.

To make this doable, gun control groups are changing the language they use to prevent minorities from being insulted. The gun control groups have observed that “Black and Hispanic lawmakers have been some of the top supporters of more gun restrictions in Congress,” but the constituents for these lawmakers have not rallied to support the gun control movement.

The groups theorize that this is due to the differences in culture evidenced by word choices and approach styles.

For example, groups like Everytown are being told that their push to expand background checks to keep guns “out of the hands of dangerous people and criminals” can alienate blacks by making them feel they are being labeled “dangerous” and/or “criminal.”

Instead, Everytown is being encouraged to say they want expanded background checks in order to keep guns “out of the hands of people convicted of violent or gun-related crimes.” These changes are actual “talking points” which are being passed between groups in light of the new partnership with Black Lives Matter.

The gun control groups are also being told that too much support for police can alienate minorities.

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