4 Still Critical After S.F. Tour Bus Crashes into Apple Store

SF tour bus (Josh Edelson / Associated Press)
Josh Edelson / Associated Press

Four people were still in critical condition on Saturday after a Friday crash in which a double-decker bus smashed into construction in San Francisco’s Union Square.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, at least 30 people were aboard the bus. Six people were initially admitted in critical condition on Friday; one woman and three men remained that way on Saturday, according to ABC 7 San Francisco.

On Friday, at roughly 3 p.m., the bus, zooming out of control down Post Street, first hit a bicyclist, who up wound being dragged under the chassis of the bus for roughly three blocks. One witness, Jerry Murray, told CBS San Francisco, “It looked like there was probably no brakes, ‘cause it was hitting everything.”

The bus continued careening toward Union Square. Another witness, Kat Murray, told CBS San Francisco, “The bus was going very quickly through the intersection, like at least 40 mph, and it looked like it was going out of control.”

Reaching Union Square, the bus smashed into parked cars and pedestrians. John Zimmer, from Union Square Park Security, told CBS San Francisco, “It was like a bomb going off. It just kept, ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,’ like it wasn’t going to stop.”

The bus finally came to a stop when it crashed into scaffolding at a new Apple store at the corner of Post and Stockton Streets.

Murray said of the scaffolding, “It started to wobble a little bit; we heard people yelling, and then it crashed into a corner.”

20 people were hurt, with six left in critical condition, three men and three women.

Zimmer confessed, “This was pretty horrific. It was gut wrenching.”

Officer Albie Esparza told ABC, “We will look at everything. We will look at any mechanical malfunctions, we will look at any DUI or alcohol or narcotics as standard operating procedures go for collisions.”


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