Snowboarder Who Rode Avalanche Could Face Prosecution

Snowboard avalanche (Screenshot : Christian Michael / YouTube)
Snowboard avalanche (Screenshot / Christian Michael / YouTube)

A snowboarder could face trespassing charges after he allegedly knowingly entered an area that was marked as closed off to the public and triggered an avalanche that, lucky, he rode to safety. The snow slide could have potentially put the public in danger.

Christian Michael Mares, 29, reportedly said he was just looking for a “nice cliff to drop” and that he didn’t think his actions would cause such a reaction from the resort. “No one wants to try to start an avalanche,” he said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “That’d be absolutely crazy.” He said he loves the Sugar Bowl and was perplexed as to “why they’re trying to personally attack me.”

Officials told the Chronicle that “the area is clearly marked as closed from both the Mount Disney and Mount Lincoln directions, and it is a very active avalanche area.” Mares said he and his two friends did not know it was closed off and wandered over to the area by chance.

Officials are reportedly working with Placer County and want to file criminal charges against Mares indicating he could face prosecution under California Penal Code 602, which involves trespassing into a closed area of a ski resort.


Mares recorded his stunt on his GoPro camera, which was attached to his helmet. The stunt was dangerous and injured Mares, resulting in a sprained ankle. His injury could have been far worse. Video of the stunt was posted to YouTube on January 16 and his since garnered nearly 140,000 views.


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