Uber Superhero: Driver Dresses as Batman in Lamborghini

Uber Batman (Josh Paler Lin / Twitter)
Josh Paler Lin / Twitter

An Uber driver surprised several unsuspecting passengers in Los Angeles when instead of “Ming” in a Toyota Prius C, they were greeted by Batman in a Lamborghini.

Hollywood resident Josh Paler Lin decided to record his prank, and posted the video to YouTube where it has gone viral, already garnering over 1.2 million views.

“I’m Batman. Nice to meet you,” Lin said as he greeted one surprised female passenger. “I’m Sky,” she replied to the caped crusader. “This is so crazy.” She went on to take several “selfies” as proof that the encounter occurred, noting she did not think her friends would believe her otherwise.

At one point, Batman pulls down the window and shouts over his male passenger to passers by, “Listen to your mom. Don’t do drugs!”

At one point, the man asks “Batman” if he has any guns installed in the vehicle to which he replied “Yeah. Right here,” flexing his biceps.

This is not the first time Lin has gone viral. In 2014, the YouTube personality posted a video of him giving a $100 bill to a homeless man and following him around to see how he spent it. Astonishingly, the homeless man entered a liquor store and exited with bags of food which he then handed out to other homeless people in a park.

The video, as it turns out, was staged. But the message did not seem to have malicious intent.

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