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Harveywood Backlash: Buttman’s ‘Justice League’ Tanks at Box Office

It was bad enough that the sycophantic Hollywood media was pretending that a $110 million opening weekend for Justice League would have been anywhere near acceptable. Unfortunately for all concerned, the cold reality of the Harveywood scandal combined with the loss of faith in DC to tell a worthwhile story delivered even worse news — a horrific opening of just $93 million.

Ben Affleck in Justice League (2017)

Deadline, Variety, Hollywood Reporter Circle Wagons to Protect ‘Buttman’ Ben Affleck

Good faith searches reveal that, as of this writing, nowhere on the home page of either Variety, Deadline, or the Hollywood Reporter will you find a headline with the words “Ben” or “Affleck.” How is this possible in a news cycle where Hollywood’s Batman is being dubbed “Buttman” due to a whole new round of groping allegations?

Ben Affleck

Watch: Warner Bros. Unveils First Full ‘Justice League’ Trailer

Warner Bros. unveiled the first full trailer for its DC superhero blockbuster Justice League on Saturday, and the clip features the first look at the whole gang together in action: Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg (Superman is notably absent, but actor Henry Cavill will reportedly appear in the movie).


Little Boy Blames Batman for Lipstick Scribble on Mirror

Two-year-old Scottish boy named Noel had the best alibi when he was caught smearing pink lipstick on his mother’s mirror. She asked him who the culprit was, and he blamed the whole thing on Batman. Mom: “Who drew on mummy’s


Breaking the Batman: Full Refunds Offered for ‘Arkham Knight’

In a final bow to overwhelming consumer pressure, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced on October 31st that they would be offering full refunds of Batman: Arkham Knight, “regardless of how long you have played the product.” The Arkham Knight drama


Donald Trump: ‘I Am Batman’

Donald Trump made a dramatic entrance at the Iowa State fair over the weekend, spending time giving rides to children aboard his multi-million dollar helicopter.


James Holmes Convicted of Murder in Aurora Theater Massacre

Jurors convicted Colorado theater shooter James Holmes on Thursday in the chilling 2012 attack on defenseless moviegoers at a midnight Batman premiere, rejecting defense arguments that the former graduate student was insane and driven to murder by delusions.

The Associated Press

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: All the Big News You Need to Know

Movie buffs, comic book lovers and pop culture aficionados descended on San Diego this weekend for Comic-Con 2015, where the year’s hottest entertainment properties gather faithfully every year to hawk their progress and hopefully dazzle audiences into purchasing some tickets and merchandise.


‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Review: Man and Machine, The New Tag Team

Rocksteady Studios’ final installment in their critically-acclaimed Batman series, Batman: Arkham Knight, introduces players to a new dynamic duo of not bat and bird, but bat and car. Since the Batman: Arkham games are of high caliber, this review will compare them not merely to other titles in the market, but specifically to the other two Rocksteady games in the Arkham series to highlight the value added, or lost, by Knight.

Rocksteady Studios/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Student Becomes Batman To Avoid Plane Ticket Surcharge

A student has changed his name by deed poll to Adam West because it was cheaper than paying Ryanair’s administrative fees. Adam Armstrong was told by the company that it would cost him £220 to change the name on his plane


Ben Affleck Drops ‘Batman’ Reference During Congressional Testimony

Ben Affleck traveled to Washington D.C. Thursday to offer testimony before the U.S. Senate about the importance of foreign aid in Africa, citing his philanthropic efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but he also stopped to reference his upcoming Batman film.

AP/Warner Bros.