‘F*ck Donald Trump!’ Protesters Wave Mexican Flag in Anaheim

Latinos protest Donald Trump with Mexican flag (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)
Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News

ANAHEIM — Anti-Donald Trump protesters draped themselves in the Mexican flag on Wednesday and shouted “Fuck Donald Trump” outside of the Anaheim Convention Center where the Republican presidential frontrunner was speaking to a large crowd of supporters.

“We work at McDonald’s, we work at Pizza Hut! We make your tacos!” a Hispanic man who had the Mexican flag wrapped around him shouted to a pro-Trump protester. A “Latinos for Trump” man happened to walk by and shout the slogan at the group. “Aw no, no, no, no,” the Hispanic man said as he shook his head in disbelief.

Latinos for Donald Trump in Anaheim (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

Anarchists were also present at the protest, holding up flags with the Anarchist pentagram symbol on them. “This entire country was founded on illegal immigration,” Ethan, 25, told Breitbart News. “I’m Mexican, so obviously our ancestors were here way before anybody else,” he said.

Workers United Local 50, representing food and beverage cast members at the Disneyland Resort, was also protesting Trump. “This country’s in a weird place right now,” Christopher, 34, the president of the local chapter told Breitbart News. “Extremism is taking hold,” he added.

His colleague Allatorre Jose, 24, said he is supporting Bernie Sanders for president. He told Breitbart News he was at the rally “to see what the opposition looked like.”

Chinese Americans for Trump (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

Meanwhile, more Latino “Fuck Trump” protesters took to the loudspeakers to express their disdain for the Republican candidate.

“We don’t cuss at my house,” another man said, disapprovingly. Earlier, he had inserted himself in the middle of a verbal confrontation between pro and anti-Trump fans, shouting, “What you should do is you should take lessons from Jesus and stop hating. I want to tell you, Jesus Christ can set you free!” he said.

In the courtyard outside the convention center, pro- and anti-Trump ralliers joined to hold the American flag. An anti-Trump protester said “I’m a proud ass Latino, homie. I’m a proud Latino. But you know what? I’m also American … we don’t care about Donald Trump. Fuck Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump protester in Anaheim (Spencer Platt / Getty)

During his speech, Trump reiterated his intention to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border. “But when I ask the people how important is the wall and they say it’s the most important tool than they can think of, we’re going to build a wall. We have no other choice,” Trump said. The crowd broke out chanting, “Built that wall! build that wall!” And Trump chimed in and shouted the same.

Donald Trump in Anaheim (Spencer Platt / Getty)

“Who’s gonna pay for the wall?” he asked the crowd. “Mexico!” they shouted in unison. “I love the Mexican people,” Trump said.

He spoke of the importance of bringing manufacturing jobs back to America: “We don’t make anything anymore folks. We are losing our base, we are losing our manufacturing and it’s disgraceful.” Later, Trump went on to share one of the tenets of his own success in business, saying: “When you make a deal, you always have to be prepared to walk.”

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