Arson Suspect Charged in Murder of Five Was ‘in the United States Illegally’

Richard Vogel, AP
Richard Vogel, AP

The suspect charged with murdering five people Monday via arson was “in the United States illegally.”

Twenty-one-year-old Johnny Josue Sanchez allegedly “started the fire to avenge a beating he took in a dispute over occupying a room” in a building used by homeless people.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Sanchez “had [already] been arrested three times” this year. The first arrest was in January on “suspicion of domestic violence.” He was arrested again in May and June on “suspicion of drug possession.” Prior to these, he was “arrested by border patrol agents in 2012 for illegally entering the country at the southeastern California border.”

Sanchez was released following the border arrest because he had no previous charges. He was required to check in with ICE, but he ceased showing up in August 2014. Customs Enforcement spokesperson Virginia Kice explained that ICE did not search for Sanchez because he had no criminal record, and they “focus on individuals who pose a public safety threat.”

“Sanchez now faces murder and attempted murder charges, which could bring the death penalty.”

Five homeless people, “three men and two women,” died in the blaze that was allegedly set by Sanchez.

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