VIDEO: Black Gun Rights Advocate Cooperating with Dallas Police

Mark Hughes (Screenshot / Facebook / A.D. Samuels)
Screenshot / Facebook / A.D. Samuels

Video has emerged showing black gun rights advocate Mark Hughes handing over his rifle and cooperating with police as they worked to secure the area where the attack on Dallas officers took place.

Hughes had an AR-15 rifle slung over his shoulder during the Black Lives Matter protest; openly carrying a rifle is legal in the state of Texas.

Later, Hughes was mistakenly identified by Dallas police as a “person of interest” and a “suspect.” However, multiple social media users complained that they had seen him marching with the Black Lives Matter demonstration and that he had been there the entire time without using his weapon.

WFAA Sports Reporter Mike Leslie tweeted a video of Hughes handing his rifle over to an officer. The video was supplied by A.D. Samuels. After handing over the rifle, Hughes received a piece of paper that contained information for contacting the officer and retrieving his firearm.

Hughes was then questioned/interviewed by the Dallas Police Department and released. Afterward, the City of Dallas PIO Director tweeted that Hughes “is not a suspect/person of interest.”

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