14-Year-Old Bulldog Rescued After 4 Days at Bottom of Well

French Bulldog (David Offf / Flickr / CC / Cropped)
David Offf / Flickr / CC / Cropped

Angus, a blind, 14-year-old English bulldog, was rescued by firefighters on Saturday after he was luckily found by a neighbor who noticed a 10-foot deep, dried up well in the backyard of his owner’s Costa Mesa home, into which the pooch had fallen several days before.

“She started crawling around and all of a sudden she’s like ‘Did you know about this hole? And I said what hole? What are you talking about?,” Angus’s owner Robyn Hubbard told the local CBS News affiliate in Los Angeles.

Angus had reportedly been missing since Wednesday. ABC7 News notes that Hubbard had posted signs all over her neighborhood in search of her pet, thinking he may have wandered off into the streets.

Hubbard told CBS that her pet had not been in the home’s back yard for a year. It is believed Angus stumbled from his bed, walked into the back yard, and fell into the hole. Hubbard’s neighbor noticed the hole which led to Angus.

According to ABC 7, veterinary staff determined that Angus was dehydrated but had not suffered any broken bones or serious injuries, and is expected to recover.

Hubbard reportedly called the previous home’s owner and they told her they believe the hole was left over from a previous septic system. They plan to fill it with cement. It took one hour for firefighters to rescue Angus.

According to CBS, Angus had suffered seven seizures earlier in the week, and Hubbard was grim about his chances of survival for much longer. However, after his rescue on Saturday, she reportedly has renewed hope.

This past January, firefighting crews in Northern California rescued a man who became trapped in a 12-foot shaft while trying to save his dog.

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