Man Eats 5-Pound, 3-Foot ‘Anaconda’ Burrito in Fresno

Anaconda Burrito (Facebook)

Competitive eater Pablo Martinez challenged himself to become the first person to scarf down the monster “Anaconda” burrito at Fresno, California’s Taqueria Yarelis — and his buddy documented it all on video.

Weighing in at five-and-a-half pounds, and at a length of three feet, the burrito is usually cut up and fed to a family of four, according to the video’s creator.

“Burritos are my specialty,” said Martinez, who is ranked 18th in the world for competitive eating by Major League Eating. “So I don’t think I’ll have an issue, although this one is pretty long. This is probably the longest burrito I’ve done.”

Anaconda Burrito creator Edwin Espinoza expressed hope that Martinez could be the first of the many who have tried to complete the task. If so, Martinez would receive the $23 burrito for free.

Adding a touch of drama, the whole eating experience was timed. And though every person that had tried before failed, Martinez managed to put it all down in just 13 minutes and 8 seconds.

“That was a lot heavier than I thought,” Martinez said, after downing the final bites. He added that he predicts he will not be the last to complete the feat.

“It was really good, very good burrito,” Martinez said. “Definitely one of the best tasting ones.”

The video creator identified himself as Jowii, a friend of Martinez who posted the video to his YouTube channel JowiiTV.

Bay Area ABC News affiliate ABC 7 reported late last month that the massive Anaconda burrito had gained the local restaurant a new national following, after a Facebook video showing the burrito being made went viral:

“They start by laying down five tortillas, then stuff it with meat, cheese, beans and all the other ingredients. Then, it’s grilled or baked,” ABC 7 reported.

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