McDonald’s Employee Arrested for Allegedly Giving Birth, Flushing Baby Down Toilet

McDonald’s Employee Arrested for Allegedly Giving Birth, Flushing Baby Down Toilet
Redwood City Police Department

A McDonald’s employee was arrested after she allegedly gave birth to a baby boy and attempted to flush him down the toilet head first.

Sarah Lockner, 25, was working the evening shift at a McDonald’s in Redwood City, California, September 4 when she began to complain about stomach pains, the San Mateo Daily Journal reported.

Her supervisor told her she could clock out early around 10 p.m., but Lockner did not leave the fast food restaurant after clocking out.

Lockner’s fellow employees became concerned when she went to the bathroom and stayed in there for a while.

When two female employees went into the restroom to check on her, they found her inside a stall with pools of blood surrounding her.

One of the employees peeked over the stall, allegedly witnessing her give birth to a baby boy.

Moments later, that same employee saw Lockner allegedly flush her baby down the toilet head first.

Lockner allegedly asked her coworker to keep quiet about the incident, but the employee immediately called 911.

Paramedics rushed to the Redwood City McDonalds to save the baby. When medics arrived on the scene, they found that the baby was not breathing and without a pulse. They were able to resuscitate the baby and transport him to the hospital.

The infant was placed in a medically-induced coma at the hospital and has since been taken out of the coma. The baby boy is now recovering, although it is not clear whether or not he sustained brain damage.

Police arrested Lockner on attempted murder and child abuse charges.

Lockner allegedly told police that she did not know she was pregnant and her boyfriend did not know either.

She is being held on a $11 million bond and could face a sentence of up to life in prison.

She is due back in court on September 18 when she will be appointed a public defender and enter a plea, WPIX reported.

The Daily Mail reports that Child Protective Services is searching for a family member to release the baby to once he is well enough to leave the hospital.


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