Oklahoma Toddler Found by Local Teen After Community Search Effort

missing toddler

After more than 24 hours missing, an Oklahoma child was found on Thursday.

Officials say two-year-old Jesse Young disappeared from his family’s property at approximately 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday. What followed was a massive search effort, led by an army of volunteers and multiple law enforcement agencies. At the end of it, 16-year-old Seth Best from Adair found Jesse, and brought him to his family on horseback.

“He’s getting a warm bath right now and getting cleaned up and getting some clothes on, and he’s jabbering away, but he’s good,” said Jesse’s uncle Steve Smith — who was impressed by the distance his nephew’s little legs covered. “He’s not even 3 years old, and he made it 2 miles from here,” he told local channel KTUL. “I don’t know how, but he’s good.”

Thanks to the collective efforts of the community, Jesse suffered no more than a long night out and some superficial scratches on his legs. “This is something bigger than all of us, this is awesome, how a community come together,” said Major Rod Howell.


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