Ohio Community Rallies Around Business Owner After Crash Destroys Food Cart

Car Crash Food Cart
GoFundMe/Nick Elkovitch

An Ohio community is rallying around business owner Adam Wallace after a car crash destroyed his food cart Saturday night.

“I heard a boom,” Wallace told WBNS. “I thought, man, somebody has just got into an accident. Then I got a call 15 minutes later saying, ‘Hey Adam, there’s been an accident, and your cart’s been hit.’”

Wallace owns two food carts and a food truck. At the time of the crash, he immediately thought of his cook, who was stationed outside that night.

A head-on collision sent one of the vehicles landing right into the food cart. Wallace was told his cook was able to escape the crash, but the cart suffered heavy damage.

“It was like a hurricane went through and scattered food all over the place,” said Wallace. “The pans, the grill literally came apart. It was just everywhere.”

Nick Elkovitch, a service manager at Union Café, says he and others came running to help put the fire out that started as a result of the crash.

The next day, Elkovitch started a GoFundMe page for the food cart in case it was not covered by insurance.

Although Wallace’s cart is covered by insurance and he will be filing a claim, he was overjoyed at the support he got from his community.

“Just the support from the community. I appreciate you guys,” said Wallace. “You have no idea how much that means to me. I know you all love my food, but that is just love on top of love.”


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