Day of Reckoning Arrives for Britain over EU's Juncker

Day of Reckoning Arrives for Britain over EU's Juncker

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – David Cameron will make a last-ditch stand against the nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker for European Commission president on Friday, enforcing a point of principle that raises the risk of Britain leaving the European Union.

The British prime minister has made his opposition to Juncker abundantly clear. He sees the former Luxembourg premier as lacking the will and the skills to reform the EU and has told fellow leaders they are making a mistake in backing him – warning of unspecified ‘consequences’ if they persist.

His one remaining ally, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, reaffirmed on Friday that he would not support Juncker if as expected Britain forces a vote.

Calling Juncker the wrong man for the job, Cameron said as he arrived: “There are times when it’s very important that you stick to your principles and you stick to your convictions even if the odds are heavily stacked against you rather than going along with something that you believe is profoundly wrong.

“And today is one of those days.”

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