London Gangs Use Rape To Wage War On Rivals

London Gangs Use Rape To Wage War On Rivals

Gangs in London are passing around lists of teenage girls to be raped, as a punishment to rivals. The so-called “sket lists” are made up of young girls considered legitimate targets and have led to a whole raft of brazen attacks, according to the Guardian.

Youth workers have said that ‘sket’ is street slang for ‘slut’, and that sexual violence is an increasing part of gang life in the capital. The traditional stigma around sex crime does not seem to exist for these gangs, and some attacks have involved girls being dragged from school buses and sexually assaulted in broad daylight. 

Scotland Yard confirmed they are so concerned about the rise in gang related sex crime that the issue is now “at the top of our agenda”. They have already been forced to launch major initiatives to deal with both gang related gun and knife crime in the capital. 

Det Supt Tim Champion of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Trident gang crime command, said: “The first thing we had to do is stop people killing each other. The focus now clearly is on women. It’s as prevalent as carrying a knife or a gun – raping a girl in a gang.”

In some cases the sisters and girlfriends of gang members have been targeted in attacks that include revenge rape. Claire Hubberstey, interim chief executive of Safer London Foundation, a charity working with young people to reduce crime, warns that gangs are using sexual violence in the same way that they use dangerous dogs to parade their masculinity.

Hubberstey believes that low conviction rates for rape are a big motivating factor, and many now see sex crime as a good way to spread fear with minimum risk. She said: “Criminals are clever, they know if they are caught carrying weapons they face a lengthy sentence; it’s risky carrying a gun. 

“The use of sexual violence is the same sort of thing as having a dangerous dog; it creates fear, it’s non-traceable, and they are also taking advantage of low rape conviction rates even when there are witnesses.”

Gangs are believed to use systems like Blackberry Messenger to circulate list of targets. Some of these systems can be hard to track and many of the victims are from communities that have poor relationships with the Police so they are often reluctant to report crime.

The problem of sket lists comes on the back of a number of major sex crime investigations in Britain’s inner cities. As previously reported on Breitbart, police and social services were slow to act when they discovered Asian grooming gangs abusing teenage girls from working class white communities in Northern cities.

Campaigners have claimed that public bodies had been traditionally reticent to investigate sex crimes committed by ethnic minorities as exposure of them might damage community relations. However, in the case of sket lists, which are thought to be used in afro-Caribbean communities, the authorities appear to have taken swift action.

This is likely to be cited as evidence that the police and social services are no-longer willing to turn a blind eye to these crimes fro the sake of community relations.