Ambassador Ron Dermer Claims Almost 500 Rockets for Israel Hit Gaza

Ambassador Ron Dermer Claims Almost 500 Rockets for Israel Hit Gaza

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer said almost eight percent of the rockets terrorists shoot at Israel land in Gaza. The offensive against Israel only began three weeks ago.

“Hamas has fired over 2500 rockets at Israel,” he said at the National Leadership Assembly for Israel in Washington, DC. “They have forced more than two-thirds of our population – the equivalent of over 200 million Americans – into bomb shelters. Over 200 of those rockets fired at Israel have landed in Gaza. Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas have fired rockets that have landed in Gaza. Today, two rockets aimed at Israel landed in Gaza’s Shifa hospital and in a refugee camp. That may not be what they report in the media today, but that is the truth.”

At least ten children were killed in the strike. Hamas said the strike was from drones, but IDF said Israel did not aim in the area of the hospital.

“A short while ago Al-Shifa hospital was struck by a failed rocket attack launched by Gaza terror organizations,” said the IDF. “A barrage of three rockets that were aimed towards Israel, struck the hospital. At the time of the incident there was no Israeli military activity in the area surrounding the hospital whatsoever.”

Israel is blamed for every strike in civilian areas in Gaza, especially when it involves dead children. However, inspectors found over 20 rockets three times in United Nations schools in Gaza. In another case, Hamas blamed Israel for the death of children at a school, but IDF released a video that proved Israel did not strike near the area.

On a daily basis, terrorists in Gaza make absurd statements on Israel. Islamic Jihad Spokesman Daoud Shihab went on Lebanon television and said Israeli soldiers use blood from Palestinian children to bake bread.

“I would just like to remind you of the ruling by the Israeli rabbis, who have instructed the soldiers to knead the bread that the Jews eat with the blood of Arab and Palestinian children,” he said.