Petition To Investigate Hamas for War Crimes Reaches 12,000

Petition To Investigate Hamas for War Crimes Reaches 12,000

A petition being circulated online with the hopes of forcing the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) into investigating war crimes perpetuated by Hamas in the Gaza Strip has attracted over 12,000 signatories to date.

The petition, started by Oxford University student Eylon Aslan-Levy calls for the United Nations to “Urgently investigate serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by Hamas in the Gaza Strip”, citing the indiscriminate firing of missiles into civilian population centres, as well as using Palestinian children as human shields, and more.

The news comes as the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations called on the UN to finally give Hamas the designation is receives in the United States and Israel: a terrorist group.

The petition lists the following points as the rationale for an investigation: 

1. Indiscriminately firing missiles at Israel, with the intention to cause maximum death and devastation. 

2. Using Palestinian civilians as human shields. 

3. Hijacking civilian infrastructure for terrorist purposes. 

4. Infiltrating Israel through tunnels, intending to commit a massacre or abduct Israelis. 

5. Diverting humanitarian aid for military purposes.

6. Using ambulances for military purposes.

7. Employing child soldiers as suicide bombers. 

8. Stopping Palestinians from reaching urgent medical assistance

Mr Aslan-Levy, who started the petition, told Breitbart London: “The UNHRC isn’t worthy of its name, devoting about as many resolutions to Israel as all the other countries in the world combined. I hope it will begin to take its responsibilities seriously, and if it won’t, we have further proof of its farcical partiality and bias.”

The petition had 12,441 signatories at the time of publication, including from people who wrote comments such as, “Hamas is a criminal and terrorist organization, using its own people as hostages. It must be crushed, once and for all.”

You can sign here.