Mick Jagger Branded 'Heartless' for Claiming on Insurance over Girlfriend's Suicide

Mick Jagger Branded 'Heartless' for Claiming on Insurance over Girlfriend's Suicide

L’Wren Scotts family have brought into question rocker Mick Jagger’s commitment to his girlfriend of 13 years. Scott, 49, a costume designer and model, tragically committed suicide back in March after suffering from mental health issues. The Daily Mail report that her family say his continuing pursuit of a $13million settlement from insurers after cancelling tour dates following her sudden passing is “heartless”.

The death of Jagger’s long term girlfriend prompted the Rolling Stones to postpone concerts in New Zealand and Australia. This caused their insurance company to wage a legal battle with the band to avoid pay out for lost earnings.

The family of L’Wren Scott have blasted the Rolling Stones frontman for opening up old wounds and stopping them from being able to put the tragic event behind them.

Jan Shane, L’Wren’s sister, spoke with her husband at the couple’s home near Salt Lake City, saying they at first laughed when the insurance company turned down the claim .

“The guy [Jagger] doesn’t need the money, I laughed when the insurance company turned down his claim” he said.

“All the s*** that Mick is claiming about being unstable, it’s ridiculous he’s trying to get his way. In a way, I’m not surprised he’s doing it. The guy is just unbelievable.”

Jagger was advised not to perform for at least a month after L’Wren’s death by doctors according to documents used in the court case which is undergoing in Utah.

The group had taken out a $23.9m policy which would pay out in the event of death of any band member or that of their close family which included Jagger’s girlfriend.

The underwriters have claimed that it was a real possibility she was suffering a pre-existing mental illness and her death might not be covered under the policy: they are trying to claim Jagger should have known it was likely she may try to take her own life even though a large portion of the population in countries like America and the UK are diagnosed with mental health problems and very few of them end their own life.

They also question that Jagger suffered stress resulting from her death which has led to the band suing insurers in the High Court in London.

A judge has ruled that the insurers will be allowed to seek documents and testimony from Miss Scott’s brother, Randall Bambrough, to find out more about her mental state.