Police Arrest Eight in Rochdale For Grooming Young Girls

Police Arrest Eight in Rochdale For Grooming Young Girls

Shameless child grooming rings appear to be continuing their activities despite widespread exposure, as Rochdale police arrest eight in dawn raids for the grooming of care home girls that is alleged to have taken place as recently as October.

The police sexual exploitation investigation team known as ‘sunrise’ made the arrests this morning, taking into custody eight men between the ages of 16 and 47. A police spokesman said the arrests had come after a “swift” investigation into the regular disappearance of young children from council-managed care homes. 

The comments of Detective Chief Inspector Andy Aston were reported by the Daily Mail: “The Sunrise team were initially looking at reasons why the children – two girls aged 15 and 13 and a 13-year-old boy – were going missing from home. Officers spoke to one of the girls who suggested they were being groomed between 16 September and 17 October 2014.

“A swift investigation was launched and agencies worked together which has resulted in these arrests across the Rochdale and Oldham areas plus the safeguarding of three vulnerable children”. 

The men are being questioned by detectives on suspicion of conspiracy to commit sexual acts with a child. 

Britain has been hit by a succession of shocking child-grooming scandals in recent months, after the revelation that 1,400 young girls had been abused by predominantly Pakistani taxi drivers in August.

It was said in October this year by Ann Coffey MP that sexual exploitation of children had become “the norm” in many Northern English cities, including Rochester and Rochdale where these latest arrests have taken place.