Muslim Girl, 12, Has Miscarriage After Marrying 27-Year-Old

child sexual exploitation

A 12-year-old Muslim girl from Australia has had a miscarriage after marrying a man she had initially rebuffed because he was too old. The unnamed child was initially spotted by the 27-year-old at a Mosque in New South Wales, according to The Australian.

The man tracked down the girl and began bombarding her with up to 50 text messages a day, until she began messaging him back. In January 2014, the court heard the pair arranged for a sheik and witnesses to meet them for a “marriage ceremony”. The man gave his new ‘wife’ $500 (AUS) as a wedding present, and guests were treated to soft drinks and chocolates after the ceremony.

A year ago he was charged with sexual offences against the child, but subsequently she began experiencing abdominal pains. A report to the court states a hospital examined the girl and it was discovered she was having an ectopic pregnancy. She later miscarried.

The man has already pleaded guilty to persistent sexual abuse of a child. At his sentencing hearing today, his barrister Alex Radojev said the pair had a “very mature relationship” which was not based on ownership. The case was adjourned and will resume at a later date.

The case came to light as there is increasing concern that Muslim men are being allowed to abuse young girls. In Britain there are now estimated to be up to two thousand victims of child sex grooming in Rotherham. Other cities may also be affected.