Labour Councillor Claims Putin Controlled By Aliens


Russian President Vladimir Putin is being advised by aliens called the Nordics, following a battle for supremacy between them and some reptiles, a Labour Party councillor has said.

Cllr Simon Parkes told an audience of around 30 people in North Tyneside that recent hostilities in Eastern Europe are not because of Putin’s geopolitical ambitions but because of extraterrestrial interference, the Chronicle reports.

Cllr Parkes, who himself is no stranger to alien encounters having experienced “hundreds” in his lifetime, said Putin’s aggressive strategy in the Crimea and the Ukraine was the fault of the Nordics.

The Labour politician from North Yorkshire blamed these aliens for supporting Putin against American influences in the area. “The technology the Nordics are giving to Putin is on a par with America,” he said.

“The Nordics have told Putin he no longer has to toe the American line, hence his resistance.”

According to the councillor, the Nordics aren’t the only people to make contact with the Russian President for the purposes of determining the country’s foreign affairs strategy. “Putin had been part of a group advised by reptiles. Nordics made a counter offer to Putin,” he said.

Parkes has previously made the headlines with claims that he has fathered a child with an extra terrestrial and that his real mother is a nine foot green alien with eight fingers. He also told the audience that his legal father is a reptile.

Councillor Parkes was mentioned in a spoof weather forecast by UKIP leader Nigel Farage to highlight the huge range of bizarre views held by representatives of all political parties.

Before the session, Parkes had viewed a video taken near Tyneside which claimed to show a UFO hovering over the North Sea.

“The video strikes me as very genuine. To me, it looks like an alien craft. It appears to be a diamond shape.

“It seems funny the craft stayed there for so long, allowing him to see charge his camera. It meant they wanted to be seen. Looking at the video, it is most definitely alien life.”

Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Ian McInnes told Breitbart London, “I don’t think Putin is controlled by aliens.”

He added, “Simon is a non political parish councillor He has withdrawn his candidacy for SBC (Scarborough Borough Council).”

The Labour Party have so far declined to comment on Cllr Parkes and did not respond when asked if they felt he was suitable to represent the party.