Ayling: The BBC Are Desperate To Have A Crack At Me After ‘That’ Interview

Vctoria Ayling Buys Dinner At Grimsby Fish Market

With her BBC interview getting almost 40,000 views following her battle in a live interview on the edge of Grimsby’s harbour, Victoria Ayling says the BBC are desperate to “get her back” tonight.

The candidate for Grimsby was interviewed on the news channel after Nigel Farage had visited her constituency. Immediately after, a BBC interviewer confronted her by saying she didn’t have support of the local fishermen in a town that’s been left with only 15 boats, having once been the busiest in England.

Ayling was not letting that untested BBC assertion go without comment. Rounding on the presenter, who tried to imply that the local town, which has been devastated by the impact of immigration and the Common Fisheries Policy, were supporters of Brussels, Ayling said: “you’ve just told me…that you’ve spoken to a lot of fisherman and those from the fishing industry that reckon we’d be better off being out of the European Union, so I think you’re being a little selective.”

She then followed up by saying “I can only suggest that the ones you’ve spoken to are getting a lot of subsidies from the European Union, along with the BBC.”

Ayling, who inside polling has revealed is currently leading on postal votes, was speaking outside the Hope and Anchor pub where the UKIP leader had been set to visit before protesters made it difficult to ensure his safety.

Instead, it was UKIP’s best chance of a female MP who pulled – and drank – the pint of specially-brewed ‘Farage Ale’ before taking on the public service broadcaster.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Ms Ayling said the BBC had been keen to do follow-up interviews after they were embarrassed by her outspoken exposure of their EU funding. She is due to appear at a hustings this evening along with Boston and Skegness Conservative candidate Matt Warman, which is being broadcast on Radio 4 this evening.