LISTEN: Threatened, Abandoned And Risking Ruin These Citizens Helped Topple Rahman

Lutfur Rahman found guilty of Election Fraud

The ordinary members of the public who petitioned the court to end the corruption in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets held a press conference on Thursday. They all faced financial ruin over the case, as legal fees hit £1 million, but they pressed on showing “enormous courage” according to Judge Mawrey.

Andy Erlam, Angela Moffat and Azmal Hussein were vindicated when Mayor Lutfur Rahman was removed from office and banned from standing in the by-election that will now be held. They were joined at the press conference by Francis Hoar the barrister who fended off a legal team 15 times the size of his to bring the case.

Hoar is now widely tipped to become a Queen’s Counsel (QC), the award given to the most gifted barristers in the country. He took the case despite the petitioners being largely unable to pay him. There was a fourth petitioner Debbie Simone, who was unable to attend the judgement hearing.