UKIP Candidate Threatened He’d Be ‘Beheaded Next’


Police in Northumbria are investigating threats made to a UKIP candidate by an angry voter.

Newcastle East candidate David Robinson-Young said he had received a call from a man who had told him “you had better f**k off or you will be beheaded next,” the Northern Echo reports.

The caller claimed to have received a UKIP leaflet that morning and was angry at British support for the bombing of Muslim countries, although the party have been against the Iraq war, the bombing of Libya and was at the forefront of public opinion when he criticised David Cameron’s proposal to bomb the Assad regime, asking: “What have we actually achieved in our other entanglements in the region?”

After a 20 minute phone call, the 62-year-old barrister reported the matter to the police, saying “I found this man’s threats to be particularly chilling and it has really shaken me.”

“I’m not a man who is easily intimidated: I’m an ex-policeman and I’ve been subjected to numerous physical threats in the past,” he said.

But the defiant candidate replied, “I will not let this incident prevent me from continuing in the campaign.”

Northumbria Police confirmed it was investigating the alleged threat.

A spokesman said: “The matter has been reported to police and is being investigated”.

This is one in a series of attacks against both UKIP candidates and property – the most high profile being the left-wing thugs who attacked Nigel Farage and his family as they tried to enjoy Sunday lunch in a local pub.

Others include Owais Rajput, the party’s candidate for Bradford East who alleged he was assaulted at a hustings at Bradford Cathedral and Kay Gray who heard people shout about her from a car: “If she opens the door, shoot her!”.

There have also been attacks on UKIP premises in Folkestone, North Thanet, Hearn Bay, Ramsgate, Kidderminster and Penarth as well as attacks on posters including six counted in the North Dorset area alone.

Nope, Not Hope Keep Tallies Of Attacks On UKIP Candidates and Premises

Nope, Not Hope Keep Tallies Of Attacks On UKIP Candidates and Premises

A Stand Up To UKIP in Merthyr member, started by Green Party activist Elspeth Parris, even boasted on social media that they wanted to ‘f**k up’ the UKIP shop in the town which was due to open a couple of days later.

Malik Furreed and his friend Jake Morgan chatted on twitter, where the latter said they should ‘burn whatever c**t goes in there as well’.