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Don’t Let Sore Losers Talk the Country Down

Kudos to the Labour politicians, most admirably Ed Balls, who reacted to their party’s incredible defeat with good grace. Others, not so much. Take one well known left-wing tweeter: “Most terrifying of all is the Tories won as the Nasty

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UKIP Candidate Missed Off Ballot Papers

Darlington Council is under fire for leaving off the name of the UKIP candidate on a number of the ballot papers. David Hodgson was missing from 89 ballot papers in the Harrowgate Hill ward of Darlington and was only made

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) arrives to vote in Ramsgate. (REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett)

Why UKIP Faced A Tactical Voting ‘Sucker Punch’

Up to four million people are thought to have voted tactically today and UKIP could be one of the biggest victims, according to a YouGov poll published by The Times this morning. Peter Kellner, YouGov’s president, said that tactical voting

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The ‘Pole Tax’ On Men Is Why I’m Not Voting Tomorrow

I’m not voting tomorrow. That’s not – at least, not only – because they’re all bastards. I’m not voting tomorrow because I think it’s time someone stood up and said the unsayable: society is becoming engineered against men, and I


Forget Tactical Voting: The Strategic Vote Is UKIP

“Eve of poll” is one of the holy days in the liturgical calendar of the political class. It is a red-letter day for politicians, exhausted after weeks of cack-handed lying, evasions and insincere drivel. It signals to them that within


The BBC and UKIP go to War in South Thanet

An official complaint has been made to Kent Police about the contents of a BBC One programme broadcast during the election period. Senior advisers to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage have reported the prime time show ‘Have I Got News For

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Nate Silver Says UK Election Could Get ‘Messy’

American pollster and statistician Nate Silver has admitted he has “no idea” who will be in power after the general election. Appearing on BBC One’s Panorama show last night, Silver there was “enormous uncertainty” over the outcome of the UK


Farage Takes Nine Point Lead In Thanet South

Latest polling data has shown that UKIP leader Nigel Farage is nine points ahead in the constituency of Thanet South with less than two weeks to go until polling day. The numbers put Farage on 39 per cent, nine points