Pictures: Tomorrow’s Calais Migrants Make Landfall in Italy in Their Thousands as Crisis Rolls on


Over 2,000 migrants have been ‘saved’ by the Italian coastguard over the past three days, just a fraction of the so-called ‘swarm’ presently migrating north through Europe.


Migrants gather in Coquelles near the northern French port of Calais on August 3, 2015 / AFP PHOTO / FRANCOIS LO PRESTI

As illegals attempting to cross the Mediterranean in unseaworthy boats to Europe were being rescued, yet more found themselves near the end of their perilous journeys just yards away from the British forward border at Calais, France. Despite significant deployments of riot police, security equipment, and sniffer dogs thousands of desperate attempts to break into the Calais port facilities are still made every night.

Britain has deployed 100 new border force guards to Calais to help stem the crisis, despite calls by parties directly affected by the illegal invasion to deal with the causes, not symptoms of the problem. A spokesman for Eurotunnel, the group controlling the railway tunnel underneath the English channel, told Breitbart London that it was incumbent upon the British, French, and European governments to stop mass immigration at source.


A police officer herds illegal migrants in Calais, France this week / FRANCOIS LO PRESTI/AFP/Getty Images


Remarking that no matter how sophisticated the security was at Calais, the gangs of illegals and their human traffickers would always be able to find a way around, the Eurotunnel spokesman said:

“…we are confronted with a migrant issue that is growing out of all proportion. The solution to this issue can’t be found by building another fence – it is about stopping the flow of migrants from their country of origin… all of the things that will stop this crises are well out of the hands of a private transport operator… they are in the hands of the British, French, and European governments, who need to find a solution.”

There have been some 90,000 arrivals by sea in Italy this year that the Italian government is aware of, and approximately 2,000 deaths, reports Euractiv.


After an unsucessful attempt to breach tunnel security, migrants await the bus provided by the government to take them back to their shanty squat, known as ‘the Jungle’ / FRANCOIS LO PRESTI/AFP/Getty Images 

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