VIDEO: London Mayor Boris Flattens Rugby Tackling Japanese Kid


London Mayor Boris Johnson MP has flattened a young Japanese rugby fan during a tackle that took place in a publicity stunt.

PA reports: “Boris Johnson knocked over a child during a game of street rugby in Japan. The mayor of London took out the 10-year-old schoolboy as he raced down the mini turf pitch in Tokyo. Toki Sekiguchi hit the ground and suffered some pain but was soon up and running again.”

The BBC reports: “The Mayor of London who is in the country on a trade visit was invited to join children on a mini turf pitch in Tokyo for the non-contact game.

“Toki Sekiguchi was knocked to the ground and said he “felt a little pain”.

“The mayor, a keen rugby fan, shook the boy’s hand and apologised.

“In the game of touch rugby the person with the ball is stopped by being touched, not tackled, as in union rugby.”

It’s not the first time Boris has picked on kids during sports events.

In 2014 he hastily tackled a school kid during a football match, sending him hurtling over.