France Tells Schools To Cancel Field Trips After Paris Attacks

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The French Ministry of Education has cancelled all school field trips within France following last week’s terror attacks in Paris.

A press release on the ministry’s website says that until Sunday all school trips, including field trips to places such as museums and cinemas, are cancelled in mainland France due to the ongoing terror threat.

The Times reports that families have been told that insurers will cover the costs of cancelled trips, and that most parents seem sympathetic. However, one mother wrote on a parenting website that her child’s school cancelled a trip that was not scheduled to take place until December.

“Our school cancelled a trip booked for early December. Without asking parents. I know they want to prioritise safety, but it seems a massive overreaction,” she said.

Britain’s Foreign Office has also warned schools in the UK to follow the advice on the French Ministry of Education’s website and cancel all trips to France until Sunday.

One school, the Tollbar Academy in Grimsby, has already cancelled a trip to northern France for nearly 100 students that cost parents £285 each.

Meanwhile, Becket School, a Catholic school in Nottingham, also cancelled a trip to Paris, with head teacher James McGeachie writing on the school’s website: “The welfare of our students and staff was the single most important factor in making this difficult decision.

“We held a short reflection today for those who were due to take part in the visit and prayed for the victims of the terrorist atrocities.”

For British citizens already in France, the Foreign Office warns: “You should be vigilant in public places, follow the advice of the local authorities and subscribe to email alerts for updates to this travel advice.

“French authorities have heightened security measures so allow time in your travel plans for any disruption this may cause. Systematic border control checks have been implemented at all entry points into France.”

Some international business are also cancelling meetings and conferences in France. Room-letting website Airbnb brought a property conference it was hosting in France to an early end following the attacks.

Co-found Brian Chesky wrote: “Stepping on the plane, it was clear that everyone was just happy to be returning home.”

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