Defiant Danczuk: ‘I Am Not Going To Be Dragged Through A Kangaroo Court’

AFP/Ishara S. Kodikara

The suspended Labour Party Member of Parliament Simon Danczuk has warned his colleagues that he will not allow the scandal surrounding him and a 17-year-old ‘online dominatrix’ to be used by his enemies in the party.

His defiant tone will perhaps embolden other members of the Labour Party who do not see eye to eye with its new, hard-left leadership by veteran MP Jeremy Corbyn.

Following the deeply one-sided story in the Sun newspaper about Mr. Danczuk sexting with 17-year-old Sophena Houlihan, the Member of Parliament for Rochdale blamed an alcohol problem, as well as his “Achilles heel” of younger women for the incident.

But it soon came to light that Mr. Danczuk sexting partner was an online dominatrix – a professional of sorts – which had led to speculation that the entire scandal may have been seeded from his enemies within the Labour Party.

He said on Monday night: “I know I have been silly and I have said I am sorry but I am not going to be dragged through a kangaroo court so my enemies can exact revenge.

“I expect to be treated the same as any other MP.”

A friend added: “Is the party really going to introduce this new high moral threshold that applies only to Simon? There is no suggestion of any illegality. Jeremy and other members of the leadership are being vindictive.”

The Times reports that Jacqui Smith, a former Labour Party bigwig, condemned “irresponsible briefing” by senior operatives inside the Labour Party. She said on Twitter that such behaviour “risks bringing @UKLabour disciplinary action into disrepute and opening it to challenge”.

Earlier this week, Breitbart London’s editor in chief opined about the story featuring Mr. Danczuk, including who might be attempting to use the story of Ms. Houlihan to have him removed from the Labour Party. Given Mr. Danczuk’s most recent comments, it appears he may feel the same way.