Cologne Shows Why We Need Brexit As Soon As Possible


The abuse which we have seen carried out in Cologne by Arab and African men has been going on subversively in the UK for years. We only need to look at the gang rape culture endemic in Rotherham, Bradford, Sheffield, Rochdale and other places predominantly in the North of England to see this.

Sadly, there is evidence of the political classes, predominantly Labour, willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of white British women for their own political gain in securing the ethnic minority block vote.

This has led to an attitude of acceptance towards this debauched and illegal behaviour which now the women of Cologne are having to experience.

Just read the comments of leading political Muslim figures saying women are only good for having babies to see how this backward thing has no place in British society.

And as we come close to the EU referendum, the most influential factor in the outcome for me will be the female vote.

Most women I spoke to coming up to the Christmas holidays were undecided despite many of them being appalled by the damage the euro had wrought on Europe and being disgusted by the attitude and behaviour of the self-serving bureaucrats in Brussels.

But women are women, and our natural instinct is to be risk averse.

Many of those I spoke to were simply leaning toward the theory of “better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t”.

But then came the appalling sexual attacks on women in Germany over the New Year.

Since the migrant crisis began, the German government and the EU have been pushing an image of helpless and harmless migrants and refugees.

However this was certainly not the case on New Year’s Eve, when over 1,000 men of “African or Arab appearance” roamed the streets of Cologne in gangs, and committed over 500 serious crimes than night alone.

Even more shocking was that over 40 percent of the crimes reported that night were sexual in nature and ranged from men trying to stick their hands into girls’ pants to rape.

However, determined to preserve the myth they had created and in a fit of institutional denial, the story was quashed for three days before the initial, downplayed reports of the mass sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve became public.

Even then, German politicians protested that the attacks were nothing to do with the migrant issue.

This included one local interior minister who said people criticising the assaults were “equally as bad as the attackers”.

Eventually the establishment admitted that the majority of those who perpetrated these crimes were migrants and asylum seekers although sadly so called ‘feminists’ have taken a disgraceful reaction and implied that Muslims in particular can’t possibly be rapists.

Public anger deservedly grew with each new revelation, which in turn further condemned the decision by Angela Merkel to force the EU into accepting anybody and everybody and of the decision last autumn to force EU member countries to accept migrants without a unanimous vote.

However, even more tellingly, it was also revealed the German authorities already knew about the dangers of exactly the type of premeditated, mob-led, sexual violence that we saw in Cologne.

In fact it is so prevalent in Egypt that it has a name – taharrusha gamea.

More shockingly, despite the German authorities having this knowledge, they choose to ignore it and allow huge gangs of young, migrant men to congregate on New Year’s Eve and perpetrate these horrific attacks.

For me the political blame for these attacks rests with one person and one alone: Angela Merkel. The true president of Europe has displayed a reckless disregard in allowing the EU’s borders to be opened and invited this unprecedented attack of European womanhood.

However, even as the debate over the Cologne attacks raged in the media, Mrs Merkel was still busy blocking plans to limit the number of migrants at 200,000 in 2016 even though she admits that we have “lost control” of the migrant crisis.

But how could she lose face and limit migration when she was responsible for encouraging migrants – many of them economic rather than war refugees – to make the dangerous journey to Europe in the first place?

In doing so, Merkel paid no heed to the difficulties of integration or the clash of cultures and social attitudes that would inevitably follow.

When you have lived in a society where it is acceptable for a man to treat a women as a slave; where it is fine to stick your hand up her skirt; or can class her as your belonging why would you change your behaviour and attitude because you had crossed a national border?

And how do you instruct several hundred thousand, mainly young, Muslim men in the social mores of western society overnight?

The simple fact is you can’t and it’s unlikely you ever will.

The problem is, that when Germany has a problem, so does the rest of Europe, including the UK.

So with Merkel and other European leaders coming down firmly on the side of the migrants and asylum seekers, it begs the question, who is on the side of European women?

The answer is no one currently in power.

That is why women from all sides of the political spectrum must get together and stand against the misogynist doctrine which Islam brings with it.

Don’t women and children also have rights?

Despite Cameron’s commitment to take ‘only’ 20,000’ refugees, illegal migrants continue to pour into this country daily, whether its in the back of trucks or posing as waiters on North Sea ferries.

The fact is, any political body that can ignore their responsibilities and put their citizens in danger, does not deserve my vote or yours.

The events in Cologne at New Year highlight a wider point to this referendum.

It is no longer purely about economics; nor about the excesses of EU bureaucracy; or about the arrogance of EU leaders who believe they don’t need to answer to the peoples of Europe, as they will never face a vote.

For me this referendum is now about protecting our way of life and the values that we hold dear; it’s about controlling who comes to the UK and the way they act when they arrive.

It’s about not letting a foreign leader dictate to the British people how many people we must take in each year.

And it about protecting the hard won rights of women and girls, the same rights that we as women have enjoyed up to now.

I want girls to be able smile in the street and live their lives freely, without the prospect of having to fight off sexual predators every time they go into town or get on public transport.

That’s why it’s time to put to one side the “better the devil you know” caution and vote for an independent Britain that is part of Europe, but free of the EU.