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Police to Monitor Social Media To Prevent Migrant Sex Mobs

German police have announced that they will be monitoring the social media accounts of migrants in order to predict whether or not they will try and group up and attack women again on New Year’s Eve. German police in Cologne


Cologne Migrants Taught Short Skirts Aren’t A Sexual Invitation

Young migrant men and boys in Cologne are being taught not to sexually assault German women and that touching themselves won’t make them blind. A programme in Cologne, the city of the infamous New Year’s Eve sex attacks, is attempting to


New Year’s Eve Migrant Sex Attackers Shown As White Men In Documentary

In a documentary about the mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve, tax-funded public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) has portrayed the criminals as white Germans. The piece concluded by saying that the “losers” of the night’s attacks were wrongly-accused migrants,


New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks: 2,000 Attackers, Only 120 Suspects

A new report from German police indicates that 1,200 women were victims of sexual assault by over 2,000 mostly migrant men, but only 120 suspects have been identified. A new police report from the German Federal police (BKA) has revealed that across

New footage of the Cologne sex attacks was released by …

WATCH: New Footage From Cologne New Years Attacks Released

New footage of the Cologne sex attacks was released by police as regional Interior Minister Ralf Jaeger faced calls to resign by opposition. The one minute clip shows the chaos that occurred, and at one point a woman can be

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Germany Looks To Prosecute Cologne New Year’s Attacks Whistleblowers

German officials are seeking to charge whistleblowers who leaked documents proving a cover up of the now infamous New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Cologne. The Green-Socialist coalition government in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia are not at all amused by whistleblowers

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Cologne New Year’s Eve Sex Attacker Arrested on Swiss Border

Police have arrested a man they say was a main participant in the New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Cologne on the German-Swiss Border. Police in Germany have announced the arrest of a key suspect from the sex attacks that


Victim of New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks Testifies in Trial

The first court case over the wave of sexual assaults over New Years Eve began in Dusseldorf as an 18-year-old victim testified. Taoufik M. is accused of being part of a mob in Dusseldorf who sexually attacked groups of women


Reported Sex Assaults More than Double at Cologne Carnival

The number of reported sexual assaults at Cologne’s annual carnival more than doubled this year, with 22 cases reported on the ‘Women’s Carnival’ day. Only nine cases were reported on last year’s “Weibsfastnacht”, when women don costumes and head to

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EU Leaders Claim No Link Between Cologne Sex Attacks And Migrant Crisis

The European Commission has declared the Cologne sex attacks on New Year’s Eve have nothing to do with Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis, describing such links as “false associations”. Internal minutes of a European Commission meeting held on January 13th illustrate the


Fact Check: Daily Express Publishes Fake Cologne Assault Video

The Daily Express posted a video Thursday which purports to show a woman screaming as she is attacked in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve. In fact, the video in question was shot in Cairo in 2013, and the audio comes from a completely different clip of an assault that also took place in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in 2013.


Europe Migrant Crisis Threatens to Shatter EU, France Laments

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has warned that the EU “could very well break up in a very short time” because of the ongoing migrant crisis that is overwhelming Europe. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the