Minister: Migrants Will Take Language Lessons Or Be Deported

child migrants
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The German interior minister has said migrants will be denied permanent residence if they refuse to fit in to German society.

Key Chancellor Angela Merkel ally Thomas de Maizière, minister for the interior since 2013 heralded a slight change of course for the government today, and accepted his announcement could even “unsettle” some in Germany.

Although Germany has remained steadfastly pro-migrant through the crisis, despite being the focus of much social upheaval and enormous costs, Germans are growing more wary of multiculturalism and there is some desire for newcomers to attempt to fit in. Playing to that, Mr. de Maizière said yesterday there has to be “a connection between the successful completion of integration and how long you are permitted to stay in Germany”.

To realise this aim, he announced the government would be introducing a new integration law next month, reports Der Tagesspiegel. Any migrant who refuses to integrate into German society by refusing to take German language lessons or to look for a job will be deported under the new plan.

Speaking on his motivation for changing the law, Mr. de Maizière said “we do not want ghettoes”.

If Mr. de Maizière wants no ghettoes in Germany, he will have his work cut out for him dismantling the ones already established over decades of mass migration. Breitbart London has reported at length on Europe’s so-called no-go zones where police dare not tread, including those in Germany which are dominated by migrant drug gangs.

One such report published just two days before the Cologne New Year’s Eve rape attacks described the situation in the same German state — North Rhine-Westphalia — as beyond the control of the police. One member of parliament from Chancellor Merkel’s own party criticised the local police for having failed to tackle migrant criminality.

He warned that “criminal parallel societies are seeking the upper hand” or are “solidifying” existing  positions, and the report stated officers often left these migrant controlled areas “bruised and battered”.

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