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Thomas de Maizière

Interior Minister: Germans Should Prepare Themselves for Terror Attacks

Germany’s Interior Minister has told Germans to expect more Islamic terror attacks in the country, after a 17-year-old unaccompanied Afghan migrant injured 18 people. Thomas de Maiziere insisted there is no link between “refugees” and terrorist attacks. On Monday in


Minister: Migrants Will Take Language Lessons Or Be Deported

The German interior minister has said migrants will be denied permanent residence if they refuse to fit in to German society. Key Chancellor Angela Merkel ally Thomas de Maizière, minister for the interior since 2013 heralded a slight change of course for

child migrants

Police Close ‘Islamic State Linked’ Mosque and Muslim Association After Raid

Authorities in the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg have closed down a Muslim association and mosque which is believed to have raised funds and recruited for Islamic State terrorists. According to Baden-Württemberg’s Interior Minister Reinhold Gall, the Muslim association in question — the

refugee shelters

Key Merkel Ally: Ungrateful Migrants Demanding To Live In Nice Areas

Germany’s Interior Minister — a key ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel — has called for more deportations and said ‘refugees’ who were initially grateful to be inside the safe and affluent nation are now demanding to live in specific areas