Taxi Driver Broke Passenger’s Nose After He Farted In Car


Taxi driver ‘Ahmet’ has found himself in court after he allegedly punched an unruly student in the face after an altercation over a fart and an unpaid fare.

The Dusseldorf driver had picked up a group of drunk students, who instructed him they wanted to do to a nightclub in the city. Yet after driving less than half a mile the car was filled by an “overpowering stench”.

The smell was so bad driver Ahmet was forced to stop the car to open the doors and let it out, but the drunk students took this as their opportunity to leg it without paying the fare. Ahmet pursued them and easily caught the laughing men up, and demanded his €5.50, reports the German Express.

But the confrontation turned violent and Ahmet threw a punch, breaking the nose of one of his passengers. Defending his action in court, he explained: “I was afraid, because there were three. Therefore I fled. I’m sorry, that ended that. But it was self-defence”.

The drunk students told the court yesterday events had been quite different, and that after they made the smell Ahmed had pulled into a car-park and had gone into the boot. They thought he was fetching a baseball bat to beat them, so they ran away.

But the judge rejected this version of events, saying the men couldn’t get their facts straight, and had lied about how much they had actually had to drink. They are to be charged with giving false testimony.

Breitbart London reported in March on another legal case involving foul wind, when Swedish police investigated a man for emitting what was described as a “revenge fart”. It was alleged he performed the expulsion after a woman refused to have sex with him, and that it smelt so bad it “disturbed her peace of mind”.

Police did not pursue enquiries further, as “it cannot be proved that the man intentionally expelled his rotten stench”.

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