WATCH: Right Wing Politician Tells Migrants ‘Hands Off Our Women!!!’

“Dear asylum seeking gentlemen”, starts a new video produced by Austria’s Freedom Party (FPO) teaching would be migrant rapists some Western culture basics, starting with the meaning of the word “no”.

While the video — which involved a casually dressed party member and a blonde-wig wearing mannequin — has been criticised, its creator has said it addresses an important point.

Throughout the one minute short, which begins “swimming pool season is nearly upon us… here are a few rules of conduct”, narrator Armin Sippe uses props and flash cards to explain proper etiquette. While a placard on a stick tells migrants considering bothering Austrian women in both German and Arabic “no”, the mannequin is crudely wheeled into position.

Explaining to keep their distance, Mr. Sippe instructs watchers to resist the temptation “for example in a nightclub, harassing women, touching them on the bottom or even the breast” because it understandably makes them feel uncomfortable. He says not to look at women in a way that may provoke, or to harass them. For illustration, he grabs the appropriate parts of the model, reports Spiegel.

Moments later, a not so subtle warning to those who might be tempted to have a feel anyway is issued — an off screen actor holds up a placard with a picture of an aeroplane on, warning of the FPO’s policies on deportation.

The low production values, forthright nature of the message, and the comic appearances of pictures and text messages on pieces of cardboard may have been played deliberately to make the video go viral. Although Mr. Sippe has now deleted the video among the “completely out of control discussion and personal attacks against me”, it may have possibly got the message across to some.

Making clear reference to the many swimming pool attacks which have become a gruesome hallmark of the Europe migrant crisis in 2016, Mr. Sippe finishes the video by remarking “dear men in the pool, what is most important is to keep your hands off our women”.

While some criticism on-line has been directed at the suggestion that Austrian women may belong to Austrian men, the remarkable success of the party in recent months suggests there are plenty of Austrians who agree with the sentiment.

The moderate anti-mass migration party beat off competition from all establishment parties to come second in the Austrian presidential elections last month, a remarkable achievement for an insurgent party just breaking through into the mainstream.

It is the no-nonsense approach to mass migration and criminal migrants, such as that displayed in this latest video which has helped propel the FPO into the public eye off the back of the migrant crisis. Breitbart London reported, the FPO candidate campaigned on a slogan of “Austria first”, and said during the campaign “I don’t want this to become a Muslim country”.

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