‘Dodgy Douglas the Deserter’ – Katie Hopkins Rips Into UKIP’s Carswell


Britain’s most controversial columnist, Katie Hopkins, has set her sights on MP Douglas Carswell today in her column for the Mail discussing the new Prime Minister Theresa May and the future of a Farage-less UKIP.

She says:

Theresa May? I mean, really. Theresa May. As Prime Minister.

I know. After the last few weeks in British politics anything seems possible doesn’t it? It wouldn’t surprise me if Tess Daly announced she was the new Tzar of Being Interesting or Phil Schofield standing as something other than a camp side-kick to an enormous pair of Thrupennies.

But it’s true. A woman more grey than John Major is now in charge of our country. The supply teacher suddenly made Headmistress.


During a Home Office investigation set up to examine the ‘mis-use’ of Sharia Law, Grey May claimed many Britons benefitted a great deal from Sharia Law. Well buy me a Burkini and call me beach body ready! Grey May already shows signs of pandering to Islamic Justice, which has no place in modern Britain.

And her track record is as dodgy as a Russian athlete’s. Lecturing our police whilst failing our white girls in Rotherham. Under-investing in our Border Force Fleet whilst blowing £220 million on a new Border Agency IT system declared ‘not fit for purpose’ on implementation.

But her most scathing comment was saved for UKIP’s only MP, who is seemingly, increasingly at odds with his own party which he recently slammed as “angry” and “nativist”.

Hopkins says:

Following the announcement of her leadership, the markets rallied, Brexiteers took consolation from her promise – ‘Brexit means Brexit’ – and the disillusioned went off to join UKIP, a party with no current leader and no likely looking leader.

Without it’s favourite agitator, UKIP is just ‘Leave after we Left’, headed up by Dodgy Douglas the Deserter.