FRONT PAGES: Britain’s Press Reacts to Article 50


Britain’s newspapers splashed Article 50 across their front pages this Wednesday, with Leave-supporting papers in jubilant mood, but Remain publications far more sombre.

The Leave-supporting Sun pulled off a big stunt to celebrate Britain’s impending EU exit.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail, another Leave paper, celebrates Brexit with the word “Freedom!”. It simultaneously celebrates the impending release of ‘Marine A’

The Express, which was the first paper to call for Britain to leave the EU, is also in celebratory mood.

The Daily Telegraph reports on the Prime Minister’s call to “unite behind Brexit”

The Remain-supporting Times takes a more cautious note, however.

The strongly Remain Financial Times speaks of May’s “conciliatory” tone.

While the Guardian removes the UK (and part of the Republic of Ireland!) from the European jigsaw.

Similarly, the i cuts the UK out of a European map