BBC Pushes Fake News Anti-Trump Story About Gay Mayor ‘Impeached’ for Banning Heterosexuals


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has published a strange anti-President Trump story involving a YouTube leftist, a town called ‘Hell’, and the supposed ban of heterosexuals from the city in Michigan.

The report states:

A YouTuber became mayor of a US town, banned heterosexuality and was then impeached, all in the same day.

Elijah Daniel says he spent two days phoning US towns asking to be their mayor before finding an easy route in a town called Hell.

He says he was inspired to move from making videos online to politics by Donald Trump.

But despite the headline of the article, this is not really what happened. They stated: “YouTuber becomes mayor of US town, bans straight people and gets impeached”.

In reality, the town, Hell (population 260), actually advertises for people who want to be mayor for a day and then impeaches them as a part of the whole experience. The inference that Daniel was impeached for banning heterosexuals — however bizarre — is not true.

Not until halfway down the BBC story does the reader learn this. At the same time, they promote Daniel’s PR stunt, going so far as to liken the straight ban with President Trump’s travel ban for those traveling from countries more suspectible to terrorism. The BBC report even goes so far as to state (emphasis added):

During his short-lived time as the mayor of Hell, he issued a ban on heterosexuals entering the town, similar to one issued by Donald Trump after he became the president of the USA.

Daniel’s ban was not similar in any way shape or form to President Trump’s.

The YouTuber describes himself on Twitter as “King of the Gays” and recently tweeted this all important nugget: “how the fuck do i buy weed in D.C. why is this so hard HELP”.

The BBC is funded by forcible taxation in the United Kingdom. Those who do not pay are prosecuted for refusing to fund the left-wing state broadcaster.

Earlier this year Breitbart London revealed the BBC disproportionately targets women in its crusade against people who cannot or do not pay for their “news” services.